Ghost hunting in Gettysburg

Do you believe in ghosts?

While I’m a tad gullible, I consider myself a pretty skeptical person when it comes to the supernatural. After that stint in elementary school when I convinced my sixth grade class that the world was going to end with Y2K and watching complete, re-run seasons of Unsolved Mysteries all summer, I gave up on the world of weird for more nights of sleep. Yet, I’ve always found ghost stories intriguing.

What is it about being scared silly? The adrenaline? The potential knight in shining armor? Chance of death? I have no idea, but when I was offered the chance to go on a candle light ghost tour through Gettysburg I jumped on it.

Standing in the freezing cold night air in two inches of crunchy ice, I listened to our guide as he re-told ghost stories passed through the area. From chilling encounters with floating ladies to civil war soldiers hitching car rides with tourists, each had a startling sense of personality. But still they were just stories – not real.

While standing outside General Lee’s cabin near the major battle fields, where thousands of soldiers drew lines for the confederates and Yankees, I sensed…. nothing – zilch – nada – not a soul. I know it sounds morbid, but I think even a fake ghost could have upped this tour – that is until I got home.

Browsing through my photos from the ghost walk look what I found. These three photos were taken at separate moments and at different locations, yet there are two floating orbs in each: one blue & one green. I guess we were being followed by something after all – a little spine-chilling!

More Photos from Gettysburg:


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