Buick Tweet House Road Trip: Eugene to Eureka

If you combine comedic Simpson’s quotes, twitter tools talk, and a collegiate Econ lecture together and blend and pour over ice – then you have the drink of choice on the Buick Tweet House road trip to Napa.

After an efflorescent tour of King Estate’s wine production facilities and cellar, we departed Eugene. South bound, it was Eureka or bust!

Traveling along Territorial highway and through the canopy trees of the Lorane valley, the golden colors of the late fall foliage burst from each side of the road as we left the Willamette Valley and its winning wine region.

With the endless I-5 ahead of us, we turned to coffee, diet coke, and twitter to take on the sting of the long road. Like the computer chained and tweet-a-holics we all are, we stayed connected on the highway using MiFi and the Buick’s  many outlets. But for most of the drive I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful evergreen scenery and rolling mountains.

With sky-high trees sprouting from ground, we entered California and soon the coast stretched on the horizon. Rounding a bend in the road just south of Crescent City, we hit the water line with impeccable timing. Watching the sun sink below the horizon with an open, clear sky – the daylight slowly disappeared, but our day was not yet over.

Our final stop of the long day of driving, finally came to a conclusion at the Carter House Inn in Eureka. Located in a beautiful, ornate Victorian home in the historic district, the Carter House greeted us with the red carpet – literately. Walking into the attractively decorate lobby with large, earthy pottery, cushy couches and a relaxed, soft luxury, the calmness enveloped me.

After enjoying a glass of 1999 Carter Cabernet Sauvignon in the lobby by the fire with the Carter Inn kids, Annie and Jonathan, we wandered into the hotel’s award-winning restaurant 301.

I savored bites of my grilled chicken served over polenta and carrots with Pinot Noir sauce as my stomach reached its happy place. With the final sips of the deep, cheery cab my body slowly sunk into a delightful lethargy as my room, just upstairs whispered my name. Dreaming of Napa and the final road trip adventures to come.

Favorite Tweets of the Day:

@seattlewinegal: Pretty sure that @KingEstate only hires super hot guys. Lucky me! img.ly/ahvi

> Reply @KingEstate: @lisagilpin @seattlewinegal thank you both, you make us blush like luminous pinot gris.

@KelseyIvey: @ORFallafoliage Still lots of beautiful golden trees in southern #Oregon near Grants Pass #BuickTweetHouse twitpic.com/7cjlsc

@SeattleWineGal: I still remain undefeated in out Simpson’s quoting everyone in the room. #BuickTweetHouse road trip

@SeattleWineGal: Me against this bottle (magnum baby)- think I can take it? http://t.co/OnITSvGR


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