Buick Tweet House Road Trip: Eureka to Napa

The Buick Enclave in the Redwoods

After enjoying a warm, egg omelet with chocolate chip bread and a round of mind, rejuvenating coffee we hit the road for the final leg of the #BuickTweetHouse road trip to Napa.

Getting behind the wheel of the Buick Enclave it was finally my turn to drive – and what a section of Highway 101 to hug the curves.

Taking a short diversion from the road, we curved left and right past ancient branches along the Avenue of Giants and stopped for a photo opt with these infamous Redwoods.

Nearing the wine country, the sun began to sink as the first vineyards came into view.

For a short wine break (a very important aspect of any wine road trip), we swung into Portalupi to sample their California reds. The Barbera, grown in Mendocino County, offered a deep, plum and earthy spice flavor that pitched your cheeks with dryness.

Mondavi Entrance

The wine excitement didn’t stop there though. After dropping our bags off at the Napa Embassy Suites, where my room was practically as large as my apartment at home, and freshening up we jumped back in the car to go to the Napa Film Festival’s opening gala at Robert Mondavi Winery.

Pulling into the grand entrance, the mission style building almost glowed with class as the spot lights lit up the front arches. Sexy sports cars additionally pop with color outside the VIP check-in tables.

Walking into the party I was handed a logo wine glass filled with crisp and refreshing, Mondavi’s Fume Blanc, as the scent of various fine cuisine drafted through the crowded halls.

“How in the world did I get here – this is crazy, amazing!” I thought to myself in a surreal bubble of excitement.

“Welcome to the Napa Valley Film Festival,” the glitz and glam replied as we entered the party and kick-started the weekend of wine and film.

More photos from the final leg of the Buick Tweet House Road Trip:


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