Everest Base Camp Training Guide

With the big trek to Everest base camp ahead of me – by golly – am I preparing both my body and mind as much as possible for the trek. My no means, do I want to be the one person who is miserable for the trip just because I wasn’t strong enough to train. With only two months to go, I’m getting serious now.

To prepare, my training plan combines P90X daily workouts with a half-marathon training plan plus long distance hikes on the weekend and stretching.

(I am not a certified trainer, please consult a trainer or physician before starting this workout regime.)

Training Plan




Monday Core 3 – 5 mile run
Tuesday Cardio walk, 30-60 minutes cross train
Wednesday Shoulders & Arms, Abs 3 – 5 mile run
Thursday Yoga walk, 30-60 minutes cross train
Friday Legs & Back, Abs Hill run or intervals
Saturday Kenpo Long run (add 1 mile per week) or 4 – 6 hour hike
Sunday Stretch 1-3 hour walk/hike

4 thoughts on “Everest Base Camp Training Guide

  1. I’m heading to Base Camp too, in May. I’m climbing lots (and lots) of steps in preparation as well as weekend heights with pack. Hopefully we’ll both be fit enough to enjoy the journey. Good luck 🙂

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