University Falls Hike

Half way between the Pacific Ocean and Portland, University Falls thunders down a small canyon in the Tillamook State Forest for an impressive show of water. Tumbling 65 feet, the waterfall flows from Elliot Creek amidst flourishing grey-green trees.

University Falls, Oregon

Offering a range of meandering pathways to the falls, the University Falls Loop Hike trail system is a perfect, quick getaway for short winter days.

For the longest route, start at the Rogers Camp trail head and take the Nels Rogers Trail, which was named after the state forester who supervised the replanting of this area in the late 1940s after a big fire, the Tillamook Burn. Continue on this trail until its junction with the Rogers Wagon Trail. This will then loop you to the Gravelle Brothers Trail and University Falls. To return to the trail head, continue east along the Gravelle Brothers Trail. This complete loops is about 8 miles.

For a shorter option, just hike out the Gravelle Brothers Trail (its starts just behind the storage building off the main highways) and back.

If you are really strapped for time, drive all the way up to the University Falls trail head and enjoy the short jaunt to the falls. Its about 0.7 miles round trip.

NOTE: The main trail head is also a popular ATV parking area. The first section of the trail can be noisy as the trail dissects the ATV path.

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