5 Tips for Surviving International Flights

International travel not only tests your cultural comfort but also your physical comfort – especially on the 15+ hour flights. On my recent flight from Portland, Oregon to Kathmandu, Nepal, I traveled on three planes, stood in four countries and was in the air for over 24 hours. It’s exhausting, yet exhilerating for a travel bug like me, but with these simple tips any long flight will be more enjoyable for even the traditional traveler.

1. H20 – and lots of it.

Don’t depend on the flight attendants to bring you enough water during you long flight. Always pack a few spare water bottles and refill them in the airports at every opportunity. With the dry air on the board, you will dehydrate easily.

2. Get some ZZZs

Try to sleep. Figure out the time change of your destination and do your best to sleep when it’s night there – even if it’s just a short nap. This will help you acclimate your body even before you arrive.

3. Healthy snacks

Shove in you carry-on a handful of healthy snacks. Plane food is few and far between plus you never know if it’s going to be any good. My favorite onboard meal is dried apples and nuts – and maybe a gummy bear or two.

4. Move, shimmy and shake

Don’t just stay in your seat the entire flight. Get up, walk and stretch your legs and back every few hours.

5. Books, magazines & movies

These will be your three best friends onboard. Take this time to relax and get caught up on your favorite author or see the latest blockbuster (if the flight offers it). Remember you’re on vacation so why not start mid-flight!

What is your best tip for those long, long flights?


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