First Impressions of Kathmandu

Arriving in the middle of the night, I began my journey with a dark taxi ride through town. Kathmandu looked like the setting of the next “Walking Dead” TV series with its eerie shadows and quiet, torn streets. A blend of zombie Apocalypse and Margret Atwood’s pleeblands, the city shrunk in around the battered buildings and rumble lined the empty allies.

While outside seemed frightening and foreign in the dark, inside I was excited as we made our way to the Hotel Tibet for the first next of my Nepal adventure.

As the sun warmed the horizon the next morning, Kathmandu woke up in a kaleidoscope of sights, smells and textures. Wandering the bustling street – and trying not to get hit by cars, buses, bikes and mopeds – I attempted to take it all in. Like the colors of the abundant prayer flags, each turn brighten as more people climbed out of bed and hit the city.


With a little shopping in mind I explored Themal for the afternoon. Shop by shop in an almost even pattern the stores sold: trekking gear, cashmere, trinkets and souvenirs.

Pulling in to a small shaded cafe away from the crazy blur of shops and rickshaw  I savored my first tastes of Nepalese food and soaked in the flavors of my new home country for the next two weeks.



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