Everest Base Camp

With only a couple meters of elevation left to gin, the bright colored tents started to appear admist the colorless landscape. Tucked in the clouds, mountain rubble and white-blue glacier, the tents popped with viberence like jelly beans in a sandbox. A grown-up’s playground, Everest Base Camp -and our goal – was in sight.

From Louboche (definitely not my favorite town thanks to almost everyone in the guest house having gastrointestinal problems) to EBC, the hike took about eight hours including the return trek to Gorek Shep. Weaving along a small path through loose stone, mountain ridges and over a glacier or two, the trail was not technical or hard but grueling all the same. “So close, yet so far,” I though as our destination came into view.


Rounding the last border though, the trek finished far to quickly. Letting a yak herd pass carrying expedition goods and gear, I finally reached Base Camp and all its rainbow of hikers’ wealth. Cloudy, the sight may not have been one for beauty or amenities but it still left us all giddy.


Everyone on my team made it to EBC including two guys who mad to push energy less forward with food poisoning.


With just an hour before we needed to turn back to Gorek shep, we set out to explore,view the tent sites, touch the ice fall and experience life for the mountaineers at EBC.

But most of all, we took our hour to savor the moment, and the mountain.



Published by Kelsey Ivey

An avid traveler and hiker, Kelsey is a freelance writer and professional explorer.

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