Indian Heaven Wilderness

Fall is here and with it the rain, wind and wild weather has arrived. But don’t let it stop you from exploring! Grab your raincoat, rain-fly and waterproof hiking boots and get muddy on some the area’s best trails.Indian Heaven2

For my first big hike this fall I headed to the Indian Heaven Wilderness in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. A protected area just west of Mt. Adams in Washington, the Indian Heaven Wilderness is a beautiful landscape of meadows and forested trails with small lakes and ponds dotting the region. With miles of interweaving trails including a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, this Cascade hiking ground is alive with rich reds, oranges and yellows this season.

Indian Heaven Wilderness

Check out the following hikes in the Indian Heaven Wilderness:


2 thoughts on “Indian Heaven Wilderness

  1. This is an area I hoped to explore before the year was out. Sadly, it’s a little far to drive for a rainy hike (I can do that in the Snoqualmie Valley) but I wonder if this would be a good place to go cross country skiing once the snows fall?

    1. The Indian Heaven Wilderness would be a great place to cross-country ski in the winter. Plenty of snow I’m sure and some beautiful, single track routes throughout the region.

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