Devil’s Rest via Wahkeena and Multnomah Falls Trail

While I’ve hiked most of the popular trails off of historic highway 30, the beautiful and lush forest of the Columbia River Gorge and its pounding waterfalls never get old. To mix it up, this last time around I looped together a bunch of different trails to make a nice long, mid-week morning hike.

To reach Devil’s Rest, a beautiful vista point overlooking the Columbia River, I started at the Wahkeena Trailhead and followed the creek carved canyon upward into the trees.

After climbing to about 1600 feet, I reached a four way junction. To continue to Devil’s Rest, I took the second trail to the right. The first right will take you to Wahkeena Springs and further onto Angel’s Rest while the leftward trail continues onto Multnomah Falls Trail and Larch Mountain (this is the trail down).

Follow the switchbacks up for another 800 feet (about 1.2 miles) until you see a short trail leading to the ledge. Here you will find a pile of rocks lining the edge of the cliff and the best view of the gorge. From here you can continue up the last quarter of a mile to Devil’s Rest (an outcropping of rocks & a sign is all that marks the top) or start the hike down.

When you return to the four-way junction take the first trail down to the right. This will lead you to the upper Multnomah Falls trail. When you reach a T-intersection, continue down to the left  to pass two more stunning waterfalls.

The final stretch of the hike leads you to the upper viewpoint of Multnomah Falls and concludes at the base of the falls at the Lodge. Grab a cup of coffee here before you take the short trail following the road back to your car at the Wahkeena Trailhead.


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