Triple the Beauty at Triple Falls

The holidays can be a tough. Too much food, too much family-fun and too much sitting around. While some may enjoy relaxing on the couch, for me the lethargy can be all too consuming. My mind starts to wander, the hours slip by and my body enters a sugar coma that’s as addictive as the cookies and fudge. But before long, I snap… and that’s when I hike.

With a breeze that leaves goosebumps, the cold, fresh air is more than refreshing, it’s invigorating. The crunch of frozen earth quickens my heart rate as if it’s the mountain’s metronome and the frozen foliage brushes away my stiff limbs. Every inch of nature revives my energy and helps me to stay motivated – whether with my writing, my work or my workout goals. It’s like a new year turning with each step.

So this year I’m challenging myself (and you too!) to book more trail miles than couch hours, to drive less and walk more and to soak in every rain drop.

Triple Falls_ed2When I was feeling that antsy-inch to get out for a hike last week, I grabbed my backpack, water and a good friend and headed to the gorge. Recommend by a friend, this beautiful 4.5 mile loop-hike past horsetail and ponytail falls to Triple Falls is just what I needed.

Before this next year flies by, take a moment to slow down in nature and hike! What trails are on your list for 2014?


Published by Kelsey Ivey

An avid traveler and hiker, Kelsey is a freelance writer and professional explorer.

One thought on “Triple the Beauty at Triple Falls

  1. Which hikes are on my list for 2014? Still working on that. I’m sure Rampart Ridge and the Mt. Baker Railroad Grade are. They’re on the list every year. The big question is … back to the Enchantments, a different multi-day backpack, or both? Hope to figure out that question tonight 🙂

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