A Heavenly Day at Angel’s Rest

Only a 30-minute drive from Portland, Angel’s Rest is likely one of the most popular hiking trails in the Columbia Gorge – and for good reason. Featuring expansive views (270 degrees) from the top main of the Columbia River below, the trail is a quick 2.4 miles to a rocky summit.

With sunshine and heat well into the 80’s this week, I couldn’t help myself but hop, skip, and hike my way out of the office and up to Angel’s Rest for a heavenly afternoon soaking in the views and warm rays. Lucky for me, I had two of my best friends stowed away in my pack – a 10 Barrel IPA and Jane Eyre.

Where is your happy place to take off to on a sunny day?

Angel's Landing

From the parking lot located just off of the historic Columbia Gorge highway (US-30), follow the trail through a lush green forest and a past a bubbling creek for 2.4 miles. Nearing the summit, the trail becomes more open as the forest thins due to a old forest fire. If it’s sunny out, make sure to put sunshine on before you reach this point!  At the top, Angel’s Rest, an outcropping of rocks leaves you looking over the wide-spread Columbia River below. Roam the summit and find your own seat of rocks to cozy up with and enjoy the beautiful, rewarding views!

Getting there: Take I-84 east from Portland to exit 28 for Bridal Veil. Turn right off the exit and follow up the hill to the parking lot for the Angel’s Rest trail head. Warning: on a sunny weekend this trail and parking area will be packed! Try to go mid-week for a quieter hike.




Published by Kelsey Ivey

An avid traveler and hiker, Kelsey is a freelance writer and professional explorer.

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