A Rainy Mt. Rainier Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, I attempted my first glacier mountain climb. I practiced, gathered gear and got as much sleep as possible before heading to Mt. Rainier for the early morning start. And after a summer of record heat in Washington and Oregon, alas the climb didn’t go as planned. Rain, rain, rain, downpour and then more rain. We walk about two-thirds the way up to Camp Muir before we decided to turn around. Soaked to the bone and shivering, we stopped for an early morning beer on the mountain before turning our hooded-heads back down hill.

photo 1

While it was a downer to not make the summit, we knew as soon as we got back to our cars and the lodge that we made the right decision. Our backpacks were wet, our sleeping bags and all our spare clothing. The weather can change at any minute in the mountains as we learned, so never be afraid to turn back if it doesn’t seem right!

photo 2

Look out Mt. Rainier, we’ll see you next year.


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