Becoming Ultra – Season 13!

Along with my love of hiking, over the last few years I have also fallen deeper and deeper in love with running. Whether on road or trail, getting out regularly just makes me feel happy at my core. 

From couch to 5k in 2010 with my mom and sister to my first marathon in 2017, both in Eugene aka Track Town USA, I found a community where I feel welcome and supportive. Like the hiking community, where hello and howdy are common and trail angels are real, running is much the same. Everyone has at least one thing in common out there – and often times we are so much more alike then we think.

During the pandemic, I started to add more distance to my running routine. This new goal helped me to keep busy through the solitude of all of sudden working from home and grounded through the anxiety of spreading of this illness. But it also showed me that maybe I could push myself even further than I thought, finishing two 50k races over the last two years.

So I’m super excited to continue this journey by attempting my first 50 miler this Spring – and this time I get the joy of extra support and love from the running community! I’m joining seven other runners, all attempting their first 50k or 50m race on the Becoming Ultra Podcast.

With the help of a dedicated running coach (go Team Basham!), I’ll have the opportunity to learn more about long-distance running, plus tips, tricks and a training plan to increase my endurance. The cherry on top? This season’s race is right in my backyard, the Wy’east Wonder! Finishing in Parkdale, about an hour from my home, that Oregon beer is going to taste even better.

Follow along on this new adventure on the podcast and my Instagram or sign up and join me at the start line!

Don’t worry, I’ll still continue to share more hikes, gear reviews, and travel adventures along the way. Just imagine the cool trails that I’ll get to see during my training over the next six months!


Published by Kelsey Ivey

An avid traveler and hiker, Kelsey is a freelance writer and professional explorer.

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