Exploring Colorado’s Mountain Passes: 4 Epic Mile-High Hikes

Over the Labor Day weekend, my husband I traveled to Colorado to compete in the Grand Traverse. A point-to-point ultramarathon, the race runs up and over two mountain passes connecting Crested Butte to Aspen. While the race didn’t go in my favor, the week long trip was not a complete bust – exploring four differentContinue reading “Exploring Colorado’s Mountain Passes: 4 Epic Mile-High Hikes”

Hiking My First 14er: Mt. Evans via Sawtooth Ridge

Following a bubbling spring, we scrambled and bouldered down loose rocks and past big horned sheep on cliff faces to the valley floor. From the base, I looked up from where we came and out to where we had yet to go. It looked daunting. My legs were tired from hiking all weekend and runningContinue reading “Hiking My First 14er: Mt. Evans via Sawtooth Ridge”

Driving the Pass into the Sky: Trail Ridge Road

A 48-mile mountain pass through Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road is as scenic as it is high. Weaving above treeline for eleven miles and through vast tundra, the road seems like it is paved into the sky like the final scene of Grease. Big sweeping curves give way to views of the RockyContinue reading “Driving the Pass into the Sky: Trail Ridge Road”

A Stary Night at Rocky Mountain National Park

Last week, I travel to Colorado for my first hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains. I was super excited to see the vast front range, the sky-stretching mountains, and sheer scale the landscape – and on our first night, the stars and sky didn’t let me down! Read more about my trip soon!