Everest Base Camp Hike 1: Lukla to Namche Bazaar

“We’ll be cruising at 16,000 feet,” said the Air Canada flight attendant as we departed for Nepal and the 12 day trek to Everest Base Camp. “We are going to climb higher than that!” said Kyle, my travel partner, as he turned to me with a big grin. Flying in an Twin Otter plane highContinue reading “Everest Base Camp Hike 1: Lukla to Namche Bazaar”

First Impressions of Kathmandu

Arriving in the middle of the night, I began my journey with a dark taxi ride through town. Kathmandu looked like the setting of the next “Walking Dead” TV series with its eerie shadows and quiet, torn streets. A blend of zombie Apocalypse and Margret Atwood’s pleeblands, the city shrunk in around the battered buildings and rumble lined the empty allies.Continue reading “First Impressions of Kathmandu”

5 Tips for Surviving International Flights

International travel not only tests your cultural comfort but also your physical comfort – especially on the 15+ hour flights. On my recent flight from Portland, Oregon to Kathmandu, Nepal, I traveled on three planes, stood in four countries and was in the air for over 24 hours. It’s exhausting, yet exhilerating for a travelContinue reading “5 Tips for Surviving International Flights”

Asia Hiking Adventure: Bon Voyage!

Adventure doesn’t fall in your lap, you have to go out and find it. And that’s exactly what I’m doing! Today I am leaving for a six-week adventure in Asia. First I’ll head to Nepal to hike to Everest Base Camp then to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and finally Vietnam. Look for my first blog postsContinue reading “Asia Hiking Adventure: Bon Voyage!”

Packing for Long-term Trekking and Travel

From first aid kits to wick-and-wear clothing, packing for the climb to Everest Base Camp feels almost more daunting than the mountain.  I prefer to pack as light as possible, but for such a big climb I also don’t want to forget anything. Luckily the guide company I will be traveling with in April sentContinue reading “Packing for Long-term Trekking and Travel”

Everest or Bust!

In 2 months and 22 days, I will be set out on the adventure of a lifetime. With two strong feet forward, I am going to trek to Everest Base Camp with Ace the Himalayas and my best friend. A 16-day round trip, we will hike the 40 miles to the highest mountain in theContinue reading “Everest or Bust!”