Deep Down into the Earth: Canyoneering Ephedra’s Grotto

The rope glided through my hand making it warm from the friction as the earth slowly rose to greet my toes. As my shoes settled into the cool sand at the bottom of a 95-foot dry waterfall, I found myself surrounded by red rocks that looked like they rubbed shoulders with a zebra. I hadContinue reading “Deep Down into the Earth: Canyoneering Ephedra’s Grotto”

Ancient Arches, Oh-My!

Over 2,000 natural arches flirt with gravity at Arches National Park. With an unpredictable future, right now is the best time to visit this red rock wonderland. Formed by wind over thousands and thousands of years, the arches show off the amazing transformation of nature and offer a glance back in geological time. While thereContinue reading “Ancient Arches, Oh-My!”

The Quiet Colors of Hue

This month’s travel photo takes us toward the end of my trip to Vietnam with a stop at the regal tomb of an emperor from the Nguyen Dynasty. Gracefully aging, the Tomb of Minh Mang in Hue, Vietnam reveals layers and layers of history throughout the complex, which includes a summer home and lake.  Continue reading “The Quiet Colors of Hue”

Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World Photo Contest

From the colorful coral in the South Pacific to the ice carved mountains of British Columbia, we live in a beautiful, beautiful world. And right now, Lonely Planet is showing off every inch and corner with a inspiring photo contest and new photo book. Here is my entry for their “Untamed” category: Meandering with MountainsContinue reading “Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World Photo Contest”