Winter Hiking Gear: What I’m Wearing Now

Winter may have officially begun last week, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor play season is over. With the right gear, you can hike and stay warm all winter long.  For winter hiking – especially in the Pacific Northwest – you must be ready for wet weather. It may be snow, rain, mist or mud,Continue reading “Winter Hiking Gear: What I’m Wearing Now”

Adventures in Prana: #7DayStretch

As I’m packing my bags for another adventure filled weekend, my Prana Halle pants are on the top of the heap. From mountain tops, to weekends lounging in the city, they are my go-to pants that go-anywhere. So when I was invited to participate in Prana’s #7DayStretch campaign, I gladly said yes. For the nextContinue reading “Adventures in Prana: #7DayStretch”

Mountain Warehouse’s Summit 300 Sleeping Bag

We’ve all been there. It’s cold, wet, windy – or all three. You’re curled up in your sleeping bag, inside your tent, and it feels like you are still out in the elements. I can say from experience (way too many times), that it’s no fun. Luckily on my most recent trip to the Rocky Mountains,Continue reading “Mountain Warehouse’s Summit 300 Sleeping Bag”

Grand Trunk Good’s Double Hammock

After a bike ride along the Chehalis Western Trail in Olympia, my family and I decided to relax out at Woodard Bay and test out my new Grand Trunk Good‘s Double Hammock. Made of Parachute nylon, the hammock was a snap to set up with everything you needed for easy lounging included in the attachedContinue reading “Grand Trunk Good’s Double Hammock”