Big Views: Sleeping Beauty Hike

If your calves and quads were snoozing from the car drive to this remote Washington hike, they are bound to wake up as you ascend Sleeping Beauty.

Short but steep, this 2.6-mile round-trip hike rapidly gains 1400 feet of elevation to pop out of the tree-tops. Featuring views of four mountain peaks (Adams, Hood, Rainer, & Helens), pushing yourself pays off.

Named for the shape of the range from afar, Sleeping Beauty was once the home of a fire lookout tower built in 1931. Remnants of the structure can still be seen along the rocky ridge on the south side of the summit.

Luckily for hikers, a majority of this hike is under the cover of the Douglas Fir forest, so at least as you suffer to the top, the sun isn’t attacking you too. Even with this shade though, I don’t recommend this hike during the heat of the day in the summer if you can avoid it.

Tucked in Washington’s South Cascades – Mt Adam’s region, this a must-visit for anyone in the area. Just beware, Google Maps struggles with the roads around Trout Lake and can easily lead you astray!

Getting there: From Trout Lake, drive west on Hwy 141, to Trout Lake Creek Rd/FR 88. Turn right and continue 4.5 miles to FR 8810. Turn right on FR 8810. After crossing a one-land bridge, turn left on a small spur road before Trout Lake Campground to stay on 8810. Finally turn right onto FR 040. Proceed to the trailhead on your left in 0.60 miles. The last road is a bit warn out, but as long as you take it slow a passenger car can make it. No pass required.


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An avid traveler and hiker, Kelsey is a freelance writer and professional explorer.

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