The Quiet Colors of Hue

This month’s travel photo takes us toward the end of my trip to Vietnam with a stop at the regal tomb of an emperor from the Nguyen Dynasty. Gracefully aging, the Tomb of Minh Mang in Hue, Vietnam reveals layers and layers of history throughout the complex, which includes a summer home and lake.  Continue reading “The Quiet Colors of Hue”

Photo Tour: Cycling in Hoi An

There is no better way to exploring a foreign town than from the ground up. So when I was in Hoi An, Vietnam this past spring my friends and I decided to hit the streets (and bike paths) to really get to know this beautiful community. Come take a ride with me…

Left Behind at the Killing Fields

Most of us travelers time and again have rocked a twine bracelet. But after my visit to the Killing Fields near Phen Phnom, Cambodia, each color, rope and loop took a new meaning. Hanging over the posts at each of the mass graves at the Killing Field of Choeung Ek, these bracelets – a rainbowContinue reading “Left Behind at the Killing Fields”

Angkor Wat Temple Tour

In third grade I picked a book up off the school library shelf about Archeology and instantly fell in love with the topic. From then on – or at least for the next few months – I wanted to dig for buried treasures, explore like Indian Jones (hat included) and visit ancient ruins and temples.Continue reading “Angkor Wat Temple Tour”

Bangkok’s Floating Markets

On my recently trip to Southeast Asia, I stopped briefly in Bangkok, Thailand and by far one of my favorite sights to photograph was the Ratchaburi floating market. Selling most touristy items (sadly) and some fresh fruit from the long-tailed boats, the market travels through narrow waterways and by storefronts.

Kayaking Langkawi’s Mangrove Forest

Where seawater and freshwater meet, Mangrove forests flourish. To escape the heat of Langkawi’s beaches, I headed to the other side of the island to explore the tangle of roots, wildlife and mud that crawls above the water on Kayaking trip with Dev’s Adventure Tours. Offering flora and fauna eco-tours, Dev’s Adventure Tours is aContinue reading “Kayaking Langkawi’s Mangrove Forest”

Asia Hiking Adventure: Bon Voyage!

Adventure doesn’t fall in your lap, you have to go out and find it. And that’s exactly what I’m doing! Today I am leaving for a six-week adventure in Asia. First I’ll head to Nepal to hike to Everest Base Camp then to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and finally Vietnam. Look for my first blog postsContinue reading “Asia Hiking Adventure: Bon Voyage!”